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Richard Sybrandy has extensive experience in virtually all areas of Family Law practice.  This includes:

  • Child Custody/Child Support
  • Parenting Plan Modifications
  • Child Support Modifications

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Divorce/Legal Separation

When a married couple first separates, or are thinking doing so, there are many questions that enter their mind:

Will I be able to stay in or keep my home?
How will we be able to pay all the bills?
What will happen to the children?
How much will child support and maintenance be?

In the Family Law court system, judges who are often unfamiliar with your circumstances are answering these questions and making important decisions which can affect every part of your life for a very long time.  

The process can be technically complex, but when you add in the emotional aspect of your situation, it is virtually impossible to navigate alone.  It is important to have an attorney who has the experience to both understand your specific needs, and confidently guide you through the legal process.  No two cases are alike, and everyone's situation is unique.  The only way for us to understand your specific needs is to listen to you.    

Everyone hears about the dreaded nasty divorce, but not every case has to be that way; in fact in most family law cases, a reasonable settlement is possible.  Nasty divorces are often unnecessary and sometimes are the result of inexperienced or uncaring attorneys.  A reasonable resolution, however, is rarely possible without a competent attorney in your corner.  We will help you through this process using whatever means your case requires - if that means strong advocacy, that is what we will do.  If that means innovative compromising, that is what we will do.

The most important factor in selecting a family law attorney is trust.  You need to be able to trust that your attorney is giving you good, sound advice.  You need to trust that they are on your side.  You need to trust that when it comes time to make difficult, complex and often life changing decisions, the advice you receive will be what is right for you.  We understand the difficulties that people face in Family Law cases, and while we cannot erase the emotional hurt, we can help you confidently "weather the storm."

If you are going through a divorce or legal separation, call our office to explore your options.  We offer telephone and/or in person initial consultations at no expense to you.


When a parent decides that they are going to relocate the primary residence of a child, the consequences are often dramatic, especially when the proposed relocation is to another state or community.  The Relocation Act requires that in many circumstances, a relocating parent notify the non moving parent ahead of time and establishes deadlines for a non moving parent to object to such a notification.  If a parent objects to a proposed relocation, they are granted an opportunity for a hearing and sometimes even a trial.  Our office can assist you with examining the legal issues surrounding a proposed relocation and, if necessary, bring the issues to court.


Change is the only constant in life.  A Parenting Plan or Order of Child Support that was perfect five years ago may not work with the changing circumstances of parents.  When this happens, it is best for parents to try to accommodate these changes, but it is not always easy for that to happen.  Even when parents are able to work things out between them, it is always best to have an attorney put their agreement in writing.  Our office can help you with making the modifications necessary to reflect the changing needs of children and parents.


The most satisfying aspect of Family Law is, without any doubt, assisting people with adopting a child.  Richard Sybrandy can assist with any in-state adoption process, including:

Step-Parent Adoptions
DSHS Adoptions
Termination of Parental Rights
Private/Agency Adoptions

Thank you for being patient with me and making me stick to my guns!  I finally felt that someone was on my side for once.
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