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Our office represents debtors in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy proceedings.  Because of this, federal law requires that I make the following statement: We are a debt relief agency, and we help people file for relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code.

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Recent changes to the Bankruptcy Code make filing for relief under Chapter 7 more complex than in earlier years.  It is still a powerful tool, however, for those who know that they have no practical way of paying their debts.  Filing for Chapter 7 can eliminate credit card debt, garnishments, judgments, collections, medical bills, unpaid second mortgages, and many other types of debt.

Not every person is able to proceed with filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Nevertheless, if you qualify for Chapter 7, it can help you obtain the fresh start and relieve you of the stress of not knowing how you are going to make ends meet.  Our goal is to take the stress and mystery of the process and find the best solution to your financial problems.  If you have questions about whether Chapter 7 is the right option for your situation, you can call our office and speak with an attorney and have your questions answered.  There is no fee for an initial consultation and we offer competitive rates.
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